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Danielle Meinert


Formerly serving Thoughtblox through marketing and community development. Currently at Dropbox.


By Danielle Meinert

Thoughtblox Mission, Values

Thoughtblox Meta
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Thoughtblox began as a question: how do we make education more accessible? Objective encyclopedias and news articles don't represent all of human knowledge; they omit subjective experience and are spread too widely across the internet. The original question expanded: how do we aggregate collective experience and intelligence?

The solution is Thoughtblox: collective intelligence for social good. Anyone can contribute their knowledge and background, and anyone can read. Four minutes a day can make you a little smarter and a lot more empathetic.

The Thoughtblox team works hard to make this the best way to reflect, share, collaborate, and learn. We've narrowed down our objectives and beliefs into our Mission, Action, Vision, and Values. Our Mission is steadfast, but our Action, the way we reach our goals, may continually evolve.

  • Mission: To aggregate knowledge and foster collective intelligence for social good.

  • Action: By creating a creative space where people who've lived experiences and learned world-changing lessons meet; by designing an inspiring & aesthetic writing & reading experience to reflect on your knowledge and grow through others' information.

  • Vision: To aggregate all subjective and objective knowledge in one place; to develop and maintain a platform for our ideas and stories; to inspire readers and writers to act on their wildest ideas; to fill the internet with more information and experiences than we think it can hold; to inspire a community to share, interact, collaborate, and learn with each other; to respect the individual's thoughts and experiences and take these and change the world for good; to spread knowledge in all directions; to expand informal educational opportunities to people who need them; to educate the curious; to inspire the individual to act positively.

  • Values:

    • Knowledge: we all have something in our heads that no one else does – yet.

    • Ideas: what you've experienced or wish others could experience is valuable.

    • Sharing: collective ideas and stories make each of us stronger and ready to impact our worlds.

    • Collaboration: sharing the best ideas leads to working with the best people to make things real.

    • Innovation: there's a better way for the world to work, and our knowledge and experiences will get us there.

If there's anything about the Thoughtblox experience that we can make better, or if you have an idea about how to help thinkers and doers exchange meaningful knowledge, let us know. Your blocks of thought are valuable. Welcome.

Published  Feb. 9, 2014, 1:35 a.m.


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