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Brad Glisson


I'm interested in how information, ideas, influence and opportunity flow through social networks and how that affects individual and collective action. Co-Founder of Thoughtblox.


By Brad Glisson

Next Steps for Thoughtblox

Thoughtblox Meta / Technology / Improvement
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We started Thoughtblox with a simple goal in mind: to create an accessible social environment where the cultivation of relevant knowledge is all that matters. In hopes that you continue to find value in helping us engineer the culture and direction of this community, we’d like to share some of the plans we have for Thoughtblox moving forward.

New Platform Domains

In positioning Thoughtblox as the "knowledge network," we do our best to model the experience after the spheres of influence that we interact with in our real lives. We have our own personal interests, we work with people together in teams, and we build communities around subjects with mutual importance.

1. Thoughtblox Home

Our current build, what you’re experiencing now, we'll call Thoughtblox Home. It's the place where information is made visible to anyone seeking a fresh perspective on a subject of their interest. We want it to be as easy as possible for someone to publish their writings to a wider, more receptive audience and we really think Home can be a reputable place where big ideas come together to be discussed, refined, and ultimately, carried out in the real world. Still, while it's always been a focus of ours to break down the barriers that keep people from writing, we know that there are even more ways we can improve the platform to give everyone the best space to share information with those who need it. That's where these new iterations come into play.

2. Thoughtblox Teams

Thoughtblox Teams will allow any group, business, organization, or club to set up their own personal knowledge network. Privately, your Teams page can be an incredibly organized communications hub for all conversations or documents with lasting importance. Publicly, your Teams page can take the form of a multiplayer categorical blog, wherein any member with posting permissions can make any given piece of information open to visitors or followers of your group's page. Thoughtblox Teams will provide an immediately valuable service to those who might not care to take their idea to the entire world but seek a better way to organize knowledge and improve group communications where multiple tasks are involved.

3. Thoughtblox Communities

Thoughtblox Communities will form open categorical forums on specific topics of interest. Our Home categories will still remain, but nested within them, Thoughtblox Communities will host in depth conversations around niche interests, geographic areas, universities and more. For example, you could exchange information relevant to your school community or favorite sports team where it might not be as relevant to the entire Thoughtblox network. We think it's the natural progression we need to provide more efficient systems of tagging and information localization.

The eagerness to get these new domains built and in your hands is real. That said, there are still a number of improvements we'll be implementing to the core of the site itself:

Open Launch and Growth

Your feedback, involvement, and contributions to this project have been invaluable to our progress and we hope it continues leading up to our open launch in October of 2015. Our success is only made possible with the support of you and the knowledge, experiences, ideas, stories and strategies that give Thoughtblox dimension and momentum.

When it's go time for public launch, we won't ask you to share word about Thoughtblox with others just to do something nice for what seems to be just another well-meaning startup. We'll only seek your endorsement if you truly enjoy the product and see its potential to create a more mindful media experience for everyone. You make Thoughtblox move, and if we continue to pour great stuff into it, there's no reason it should stop getting better. Thank you for making it all happen.

Published  July 25, 2014, 6:35 p.m.


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