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By Thoughtblox Staff

Thoughtblox Information and Help

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Here are our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. They are subject to be updated at any time, in which case we will notify you here.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the site:

Profile options

  1. You're welcome to upload a personal photo or any other kind of representative image to your profile. It makes things look nice when people visit your page, select to follow you, or see that you're following someone else.
  2. Mouse over your name to view the menu options to access your drafts, your bookmarked articles, your favorited articles, the people you're following, the people who are following you, your profile settings, or to logout.
  3. Click your name to view your profile as others would see it. The only exception is that articles you write anonymously or using a pen name will be visible to you, but not others viewing your profile.
  4. People visiting your profile can see the articles you've favorited, but not the articles you've bookmarked. They can also see who you're following and who's following you.
Document writer
  1. This thing is nice. Whatever you write is in the 'what you see is what you get' format. It also autosaves every second or two, or when you click 'save draft' at the bottom. You can include any image via web link, and it will show up in your article. All the other basic formatting tools are there for you too.
  2. You can choose up to three categories that aptly fit the topic of your article. This means that your work will only show up in the feeds of people who are following one or more of those categories.
  3. You can select a descriptive cover photo for your article that will show up in your article's unopened view that shows up peoples' feeds. Otherwise your profile image will appear in that area.
  4. For now, we're only enabling public posts, but soon you'll be able to opt to share only with your followers or specific people. We'll also be working on a collaboration feature or two in some capacity.
  5. You can publish under your real name, anonymously, or with a pen name. We only ask that when using a pen name, you don't knowingly use the name of another real person. E.g. please don't make your pseudonym 'Oprah Winfrey' or 'Vladimir Putin', but something like 'Hagrid's nephew' is pretty acceptable.
  6. When you select 'post' your article will be appear in the feeds of people who are toggled to 'latest' and following the same categories as those for which you've given the article. More votes and such will move it up higher in people's 'trending' and 'best' feeds.
  7. You can edit or delete any of your existing articles. Simply reopen one of your articles and click the trash can at the top to delete or the 'edit' button at the bottom to edit. We only ask that when editing, you keep from drastically altering the message, as it could result in a misrepresentation of votes and discussion posts.
  8. By editing, you can also switch out of your pen name and into your real name, which could be fun or applicable at some point in your exciting career as a writer.
Browsing options
  1. The green logo bar is the home button. Click it any time you'd like to view the home screen, which will show you the collective feed of articles from everyone.
  2. You can toggle between 'latest', 'trending', and 'best' depending on your preference. Articles will be higher on the 'trending' and 'best' stacks based on reads, votes, shares, and other activity.
  3. The sidebar allows you to filter content based on categorical preference. Clicking 'edit categories' allows you to select as many or as few categories to follow. Your feed will only show content if the categorical tags in the article match those of your sidebar. Further, you can click one of the sidebar buttons to return only content from that given category.
  4. Click the search icon on the top navigation bar to search for content based on keyword, author, or title.
  5. Clicking an article will open its full form. From here you can read, share, bookmark, favorite, or vote for the article. If the material is found to be spam, offensive, or factually amiss, you can report the article. Please vote for the articles you enjoy! It gives everyone else a better idea going in.
  6. Bookmarks go to your private reading list, and favorited articles can be viewed by people visiting your profile. You can also click one of the Facebook, Twitter, or Public URL buttons to share with other social networks.
  7. You can click the writer's image to visit his or her profile. From here, you can follow the writer, view their articles, favorites, followers, or people they're following.
We have many plans to create an even better user experience and will continually push new features over time. Check back regularly to see what's new, and email info@thoughtblox.com if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions.

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