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Great communication is central to the progress of any team. Thoughtblox keeps your people focused and organized by giving shared information better discoverability and better reception.


We care about how you feel when you're writing. We want the experience to be clean and distraction free so you can produce the best work possible. Your post will appear just as it's written. Give your content up to three tags so others can find it more easily.


Configurable categories improve the flow of information and ideas within your team. These categories serve as both tags for new posts and filters for existing posts. They allow any member to contribute unique information while thinking through a more organized and unified lens.


Choose whether a post goes out only to your group, to your social following, or out into Thoughtblox's open content network. Privately within your group, you can think of Teams as your internal email system. But you can also make posts public, allowing you to reach your audience with something deeper than just a photo update or short message.

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